Trauma & Orthopedics:
Open fractures.
All kinds of defect and damages of skin or soft tissues.
Avulsed wound or egloving injury.
Osteofascial compartment syndrome.
Chronic osteomyelitis and wound caused by amputation.
Burn Surgery:
Burn & scald, hot crush injury and high-explosive injury etc.
Extensive burns.
Deep second degree burn after eschar shaving and third degree burn after eschar excision (after shock period with vital signs stable)
Wound surface before transfer of grafts.
General Surgery & Cardiothoracic Surgery:
Postoperation of mastocarcinoma radical operation.
Postoperation of rectal carcinoma radital resection.
Unhealing incision or stoma.
Chronic empyema, bronchopleural fistula and fistula of esophageal anastomosis etc.
Hand and Foot & Microsurgery:
Wound surface preparation before transfer of flaps.
Crush syndrome.
Chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers.
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