“Bodyguard” Single use negative pressure wound therapy kit


Product Code(thickness)Spec(length*width)(cm)Thickness
697173010 001I7.5×55mm 
697173010 002II7.5×510mm
697173010 003III7.5×515mm
697173010 004IV7.5×520mm
697173010 005V7.5×525mm
697173010 006VI7.5×530mm
697173010 007I10×55mm 
697173010 008II10×510mm
697173010 009III10×515mm
697173010 010IV10×520mm
697173010 011V10×525mm
697173010 012VI10×530mm
697173010 013I15×55mm 
697173010 014II15×510mm
697173010 015III15×515mm
697173010 016IV15×520mm
697173010 017V15×525mm
697173010 018VI15×530mm
697173010 019I10×105mm 
697173010 020II10×1010mm
697173010 021III10×1015mm
697173010 022IV10×1020mm
697173010 023V10×1025mm
697173010 024VI10×1030mm
697173010 025I15×105mm 
697173010 026II15×1010mm
697173010 027III15×1015mm
697173010 028IV15×1020mm
697173010 029V15×1025mm
697173010 030VI15×1030mm
697173010 031I20×105mm 
697173010 032II20×1010mm
697173010 033III20×1015mm
697173010 034IV20×1020mm
697173010 035V20×1025mm
697173010 036VI20×1030mm
697173010 037I15×155mm 
697173010 038II15×1510mm
697173010 039III15×1515mm
697173010 040IV15×1520mm
697173010 041V15×1525mm
697173010 042VI15×1530mm
697173010 043I18×65mm 
697173010 044II18×610mm
697173010 045III18×615mm
697173010 046IV18×620mm
697173010 047V18×625mm
697173010 048VI18×630mm
697173010 049I18×125mm 
697173010 050II18×1210mm
697173010 051III18×1215mm
697173010 052IV18×1220mm
697173010 053V18×1225mm
697173010 054VI18×1230mm
697173010 055I20×155mm 
697173010 056II20×1510mm
697173010 057III20×1515mm
697173010 058IV20×1520mm
697173010 059V20×1525mm
697173010 060VI20×1530mm
697173010 061I24×125mm 
697173010 062II24×1210mm
697173010 063III24×1215mm
697173010 064IV24×1220mm
697173010 065V24×1225mm
697173010 066VI24×1230mm
697173010 067I25×155mm 
697173010 068II25×1510mm
697173010 069III25×1515mm
697173010 070IV25×1520mm
697173010 071V25×1525mm
697173010 072VI25×1530mm
697173010 073I30×205mm 
697173010 074II30×2010mm
697173010 075III30×2015mm
697173010 076IV30×2020mm
697173010 077V30×2025mm
697173010 078VI30×2030mm
697173010 079I40×205mm 
697173010 080II40×2010mm
697173010 081III40×2015mm
697173010 082IV40×2020mm
697173010 083V40×2025mm
697173010 084VI40×2030mm
697173010 085I50×205mm 
697173010 086II50×2010mm
697173010 087III50×2015mm
697173010 088IV50×2020mm
697173010 089V50×2025mm
697173010 090VI50×2030mm
697173010 091I60×205mm 
697173010 092II60×2010mm
697173010 093III60×2015mm
697173010 094IV60×2020mm
697173010 095V60×2025mm
697173010 096VI60×2030mm


Clinical Mechanism of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

1.All-Directional Active Drainage

All-directional active drainage leads to the removal of bacteria culture media and toxic decomposition of wound injured tissue, reducing the organism tissue’s reabsorption of toxic decomposition. It can help avoid uncontrolled systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), block the pathological reaction chain and prevent the happen of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).

2.Safe and Effective Closure of Wound Surface

The semipermeable membrane constructs a sealed environment, preventing the bacteria from entering into the wound surface, meanwhile ensuring the moisture vapor transmission from the skin to the outside, leading the wound to closure.

3.Promote Wound Healing

The controlled all-directional negative pressure provides power for active drainage, helping accelerate topical blood circulation and promote granulation tissue formation.


Trauma & Orthopedics

Open fractures.

All kinds of defect and damages of skin or soft tissues. 

Avulsed wound or egloving injury.

Osteofascial compartment syndrome. 

Chronic osteomyelitis and wound caused by amputation.

Burn Surgery

Burn & scald, hot crush injury and high-explosive injury etc. 

Extensive burns. 

Deep second degree burn after eschar shaving and third degree burn after eschar excision (after shock period with vital signs stable) 

Wound surface before transfer of grafts

General Surgery & Cardiothoracic Surgery

Postoperation of mastocarcinoma radical operation. 

Postoperation of rectal carcinoma radital resection. 

Unhealing incision or stoma. 

Chronic empyema, bronchopleural fistula and fistula of esophageal anastomosis etc.

Hand and Foot & Microsurgery

Wound surface preparation before transfer of flaps.


 Crush syndrome.

 Chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers.


Patients with coagulation disorders or active bleeding.

Cancarous ulcer wound.


The most common complications of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy are maceration of skin and eczema etc.

There would be overgrowth of granulation tissue if the foam is covered over the wound for too long, which may cause bleeding of wound and damage to the tissue in removal of foam.

It may cause infection if there were residual foam left in the wound tissue.

Bleeding or even skin necrosis for lack of blood would happen if the setting of negative pressure were not appropriate.



1.Molecules in lower polarity, preventing the diffusion of bacteria with polarity. Inhibition of inflammation, improving the efficiency of wound healing.

2.Uniform pore size of foam. Complete contact with the wound surface for even pressure distribution.

3.Stronger van der Waals force between polymeric molecules, with thermosetting property, in stable structure which is not easy to be broken.

4.Easy to peel off and hard to be broken, with lower rate of residue.



The biocompatible polymer semipermeable membrane of Bodyguard is made by special process, in best proportion of polyurethane block copolymer, which ensures the best moisture vapor transmission rate. Meanwhile, it has the mechanic properties of tension, waterproofness, toughness and ageing resistance as excellent as polyurethane elastomer.

1.Better isolation from bacteria.

2.Hypoallergenic and non-irritant.

3.Higher moisture vapor transmission rate, more comfortable experience for patients.



1.Sucking disc with pre-applied drape, less application time and lower risks of leakage.

2.Softer material, improved experience and more comfort for patients.

3.Inner cavity for removal of exudate from wound surface. Outer cavities for monitoring negative pressure of wound surface.

4.Structure design based on fluid dynamics, reduction of block risk. Ensuring even distribution of negative pressure to every outer cavity, which can be monitored real-time.


Operation Steps


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