“Clean” Assembled single use negative pressure wound therapy system


Product CodeModelDressing size (X1×Y1)
697173010 411ZNFY-10×20100×200
697173010 412ZNFY-10×30100×300
697173010 413ZNFY-10×40100×400
697173010 414ZNFY-15×20150×200
697173010 415ZNFY-15×30150×300
697173010 416ZNFY-15×15150×150
697173010 417ZNFY-20×20200×200
697173010 418ZNFY-25×25250×250


“Clean” Assembled single use negative pressure wound therapy system, with super absorbent fiber core, high liquid absorption.

Coated with PU film and perforated silicone gel layer, moderate peel strength, good water resistance and water vapor transmission rate.

With special suction cup pipeline and water blocking film, the water blocking film prevents liquid from entering the suction cup pipeline,

The suction cup pipeline has excellent anti-deformation and bending resistance, good internal smoothness, and no leakage after long-term use.


1.High liquid absorption capacity.

2.Convenient operation steps.

3.Various specifications and models for selection.

Brand: Zener


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